Dr. Mark Russella��s job into the veterinarian discipline spans greater than thirty years, and that he has already established a love for animals their entire life time

Dr. Mark Russella��s job into the veterinarian discipline spans greater than thirty years, and that he has already established a love for animals their entire life time


Dr. Tag Russell

“it is more about the treat of aiding a very unwell animal go back to overall health, the enjoyment of getting pet owners, and construction on these interaction progressively. Being a veterinarian is best character anyone might have for an occupation.”

Dr. level Russella��s career inside veterinary discipline covers about 3 decades, and that he has received a passion for pets his whole life time. His want to being a veterinarian had been sparked as he was still in high school, live on their familya��s cattle and row-crop farm in Providence, Kentucky. Since that time, he’s got passionately attacked his or her job in veterinarian medicine.

After graduating from school, Dr. Russell went to the University of Kentucky, just where the guy earned his or her Bachelor of art Degree in pet medicine in 1978. In 1982, he obtained his own Doctorate of veterinarian Medicine diploma from Auburn University institution of veterinarian medication. Three-years eventually, Dr. Russell launched Whitesburg monster medical center and includes supported while the specialized manager back as far as. His or her parts of special interest add in internal medication, sensitivity, surgery, and ultrasound.

Dr. Russell are dedicated remaining up-to-date with the most recent in veterinarian medicine and technical advances. He is positively involved with moving forward studies and retains memberships during the treatments lovers table, the Animal unexpected emergency Clinic of North Alabama table, the Auburn institution school of veterinarian drug aboard, the Alabama veterinarian health organization (history chairman), the United states Veterinary health relationship, the Madison district veterinarian healthcare relationship, the American monster Hospital organization, in addition to the United states Association of cat enthusiasts.

Dr. Russell consistently hand back, inside his or her Meet24 visitors society and offshore, through many organizations and our personal Angel use Application. He had been also the person receiving an unique solution prize for his work greatest the 100 spring wedding belonging to the Alabama veterinarian healthcare connection. Plus, Dr. Russell features traveled to Indian and Honduras, serving as a volunteer with Christian Veterinary objective.

In the free time, Dr. Russell delights in cycling, snowboarding, puttering on his own grazing, as well as tailgating at Auburn tennis programs. Above all else nevertheless, Dr. Russell values excellent time period with his family members, especially with his grandchild. Dr. Russell has actually something talent and, he’s got his or her pilota��s license! They and his awesome spouse Cindy, a retired child’s minister to begin with Baptist religious, elevated three family. Katherine is a physician, Matthew is actually a clinical psychiatrist, and John tag try a veterinarian. The Russell parents also incorporates a general Poodle known as Mona��Amie and a cat named Dr. Jeffers. Your family has the benefit of a little herd of cattle.

Dr. Staci Armstrong

Dr. Staci Armstrong got the lady undergrad level in biological science from McNeese county institution in 1995. In 1999, she graduated from Kansas status institution College of Veterinary treatment. It was truth be told there during a Pre-Med Club fulfilling that this chick met a local veterinarian whom she afterwards shadowed and observed handling an extreme case of antifreeze toxicity. Next event, Dr. Armstrong had been sure that a lifetime career in veterinarian medicine was actually for her.

Dr. Armstrong accompanied the staff of Whitesburg Animal Hospital in 2005.

This model regions of desire incorporate inner drug, ultrasound, oncology, dental treatment, and exotic animals just like ferrets, rabbits, and glucose gliders.

She is an associate on the American Veterinary healthcare connection, the Alabama veterinarian hospital relationship, the Madison district veterinarian health group, the American Animal medical facility relationship, and the Association of sugary foods Glider Veterinarians. She is likewise an active person in Messiah Lutheran ceremony and gives informative packages on veterinary content at nearby universities and camps.

Dr. Armstrong and her husband Tracy posses two sons, will likely and Zach. Although the whole families is definitely definitely involved with tae-kwon-do, Tracy, may, and Zach which are black color belts. The Armstrongs in addition own two pet dogs, Marley and Radar, a Maine Coon known as Alex, and a hamster called Bear. Dr. Armstronga��s interests incorporate browsing, crafts of all types, baking, hiking, and easily are a mom and spending some time along with her personal.

Any time highlighting on which she the majority of delights in about being a veterinarian, Dr. Armstrong states, “It is really a delightful feeling ascertain a vitally ill person heal absolutely and return home healthy and energetic. However, perhaps the best part is basically getting to know the customers and animals, and witnessing the various particular affairs which exist between the clients and their pets.”

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