Phone thieves the most common problems that Colombians deal with always.

Phone thieves the most common problems that Colombians deal with always.

So there is obviously always a powerful demand for brand-new devices.

And remember that plenty of Colombians donat necessarily spend a lot cash on their mobile phones a normally they get a prepaid mobile which inexpensive.

Naturally, you have got some Colombians that want better and more fancy devices furthermore.

While walking along the roadways in Bogota, it’s not difficult to find smaller vendors offering phones to people that lately shed their finally cellphone.

In reality, each time We have attended get a unique telephone (have had certain stolen in addition), thereas always someone else in your neighborhood in the same circumstance as me.

Therefore it wouldn’t be an awful idea getting a business arranged for attempting to sell devices inside nation.

Although competitors do can be found, they largely try from regional Colombians. As stated before, you donat want international opposition essentially because they have significantly more funds.

Which means you bring high demand plus competition that’s sensible.

Options 15: Transportation Solution

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Over my several years of surviving in Colombia, I have had to just take numerous taxis when I never appreciated having an automible down here.

And in those times when I got to need a taxi, it is almost never ever a fun experiences.

It is extremely common for Colombian taxi people to try and scam you usually and it will feel difficult suffering them.

And Iam not alone stating this a more Colombians I’m sure dislike the taxis inside their nation furthermore because terrible feel.

Additionally, there is lots of chances in Colombia also with cab people since there have now been many cases where people have been robbed or murdered by taxi drivers or worst men and women it works with.

In fact, Iave known a number of everyone, as advised back at my web site, which were robbed by cab motorists and I also are typically in unpleasant circumstances furthermore.

Today Uber really does occur in Colombia however it is mostly existent and popular inside the bigger towns and cities of Bogota, Cali, Cartagena and Medellin.

A primary reason getting is the fact that Uber featuresnat expanded every where plus that neighborhood taxi cab vehicle operators detest the fact discover competitors from the companies like Uber.

Given the sought after for this kind of service in Colombia, you will find possibility to earn profits right here by starting your personal business which provides an identical solution to Uber.

Create developed designed for Colombia but also remember the smaller metropolises furthermore. Discover a lot of metropolitan areas around under a million people that could use a lot more selection with service along these lines.

And in which Uber either has no presence or is not a lot of.

An important danger is there might-be effort to make the services a?illegal.a? Uber has had this issue in which Uber was a?technically illegala? in Colombia but that doesnat topic. Everybody else that utilizes Uber still uses it in Colombia but that possibility should-be discussed which means you understand.

Opportunity 16: Suite Finding Websites

While you can find on line tips for folks to track down apartments in Colombia, they are not usually by far the most effective way to do this.

Initial, a lot of the websites which exist for this is internet sites that donat have the best protection at heart for its customers. You really have countless fraudsters utilizing these web sites to trick everyone into giving money for a flat that might not really be accessible.

Second, some online sites mainly serve to give you individual areas and not actual apartments or residences, which might be frustrating if you would like anything nicer.

Third, apartment owners supply a more difficult time understanding as long as they should faith a particular client and there are not any service accessible to let you know if some one was trust-worthy.

Fourth, a number of the web pages on line have limited alternatives as much less lots of people are supplying their unique apartments on the website because of the problem above and more.

Generally there is the opportunity in my opinion right here as competitors to offer an internet site . with best safety and better choices for accommodations isn’t as strong whenever would think.

So what you can create the following is create a webpage which much better designed and in which people can send their own flats that they would you like to hire. Be sure to also provide an effective program in position to document any scammers and then make it much safer for individuals finding accommodations.

Finally, it is possible to offering superior service for many prepared to spend more revenue and hoping most services in both leasing their apartment or even for people trying living somewhere.

Options 17: Venezuelan Food Truck

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Whilst all learn, Venezuela has a crisis and plenty of Venezuelans have gone their unique nation to live on in other places.

Colombia the most well-known countries for Venezuelans to escape to as it’s correct over the boundary.

Consequently, in locations like Bogota, you really have countless Venezuelans residing right here. It would add up then there are work at home opportunities using this changes.

So that the concept here’s straightforward a beginning an edibles vehicle that hires Venezuelans which will make Venezuelan products like arepas like.

Now there is some competition in this idea as there are food trucks in Colombia that offer Venezuelan food.

So in Bogota, while there is a large number of Venezuelans to market meals to, thereas furthermore gonna be extra competition there.

But from the thing I may find out on line, there donat appear to be countless Venezuelan ingredients providers various other areas of Colombia with a good amount of Venezuelan immigrants.

Various other cities you will need to see are CA?cuta, Riohacha, Barranquilla and Medellin.

Opportunity 18: Colombian & Venezuelan Wedding Ceremony

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