OkCupid co-founder Sam Yagan Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/AP Images

OkCupid co-founder Sam Yagan Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/AP Images

Yesterday evening, unique dating internet site OkCupid converted up their home page for Mozilla Firefox people.

Upon launch the web site, a message appeared inviting customers to curb his or her using Firefox since the providers’s brand-new CEO, Brendan Eich, allegedly opposes equality for homosexual couples—specifically, the guy donated $1000 into the campaign for the anti-gay proposal 8 in 2008. “We’ve dedicated the final 10 years to bringing people—all people—together,” the content read. “If people like Mr. Eich had her form, after that approximately 8per cent associated with grizzly Inloggen relationships we’ve worked so very hard to effect a result of was prohibited.” The business’s action moved viral, and within a few days, Eich have reconciled as Chief Executive Officer of Mozilla best weeks after starting the document. On wednesday, OkCupid circulated a statement claiming “We become happy that OkCupid’s boycott has had great awareness to your critical matter of equivalent right for any of everyone and collaborations.”

But there’s a problem: OkCupid’s co-founder and President Sam Yagan once generously donated to an anti-gay applicant. (Yagan is Chief Executive Officer of Match.com.) Specifically, Yagan donated $500 to Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah) in 2004, records Uncrunched. During his opportunity as congressman from 1997 to 2009, Cannon elected for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex wedding, against a ban on sexual-orientation established career discrimination, for law of homosexual adoptions.

He’s also voted for many anti-choice steps, earning a 0 percent rank from NARAL Executive choices The united states. Among more steps, canon voted for guidelines prohibiting federal government from questioning financing to healthcare companies that withhold abortion info, halting minors from crossing state outlines to find an abortion, and banning household preparing capital in mankind aid away from home. Cannon likewise received a 7 percent score from the ACLU for his poor civil-rights voting report: they voted to amend FISA to allow warrant-less automated surveillance, permitting NSA intellect event without civilized lapse, and reauthorize the PATRIOT operate.

As you can imagine, it’s been recently ten years since Yagan’s donation to rule, and ten years or higher as many of Cannon’s ballots on homosexual legal rights. It’s possible that Cannon’s thought posses moved, or perhaps his or her votes are further national politics than ideology; a tactic by the Mormon Rep. to satisfy his own Utah constituency. it is additionally quite possible that Yagan’s national politics need modified since 2004: they donated to Barack Obama’s marketing in 2007 and 2008. Maybe even Firefox’s Eich possess rethought LGBT equality since his own 2008 donation. But OkCupid couldn’t add these nuance with its take-down of Firefox. Combine that with the point that the business served force out one technical CEO for a thing a unique Chief Executive Officer furthermore has, and its particular measures the other day actually starts to look more like a PR stunt than an impassioned act of protest. (mom Jones hit off to OkCupid for comment: We’ll update this post whenever we obtain a response.)

Improve April 8, 2014, 12:30 p.m. PDT: OkCupid President Sam Yagan offered a statement around the SF Chronicle this morning clarifying the purposes behind his contribution to rule and the position on gay legal rights. Here it is completely

A decade ago, we manufactured an info to associate Chris rule because he was the standing Republican in the residence subcommittee that oversaw online and intellect Property, matters crucial that you our sales and our personal markets. I acknowledge obligations for not knowing wherein he endured on homosexual proper basically; I certainly help union equivalence so I wouldn’t produce that contribution again nowadays. However, a contribution designed to an applicant with panorama on countless dilemmas lacks equivalence to a contribution promoting Prop. 8, a single issues which has had no reason aside from to affirmatively restrict homosexual wedding, that we think happens to be an elementary municipal ideal.

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